Hitting Close To Home-eS Europe.

08 Dec

Sometimes staying close to home feels like the best thing to do. After numerous trips to all corners of Europe, we felt like exploring our “backyards”. The backyards in this case were Stuttgart, Strasbourg and Basel, the respective homes of éS rider Andi Welther, photographer Eric Antoine and Oli Buergin, the éS Europe team manager.

The idea was to regroup the whole éS Europe team. But as we all know, life is constantly out to change your plans. In this case, Javier Sarmiento and John Tanner got their plans changed by back problems and a tweaked ankle. Which left us with Mark Frölich, Gauthier Rouger, Andi Welther and our German guest Robin Wulf. The smaller group made the whole thing feel even more like a family affair and staying close to home ended up being the perfect formula for this trip.

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