05 Dec

Toms Skateshop x Pieter Ceizer Decks

AMSTERDAM – Friday, December 9 between 18.00 and 21.00 the ‘Tttooommmsss’ skateboards will be released. The limited ‘Tttooommmsss’ boards is a unique collaboration between the two old friends Peter Ceizer and Tom’s skate shop.

In the early 90’s Pieter, the 11 years old, started skating at Museumplein in Amsterdam. Here he became found his introduction with the local skate scene and the Amsterdam graffiti classics.

Current Toms/ the former ‘Old man’ crew, welcomed Pieter and taught him all about flips and tricks, freedom, perseverance, style and beer.Toms skateshop on Damstraat has become a statement in Amsterdam.To crown their 12 year anniversary Tom’s joined forces with typographic designer Pieter Ceizer from clothing label PL (Pimpalicious Living).
Ceizer signed all the letters on the ‘Tttooommms’ graphic three times which symbolizes the triple ‘practice’ and ‘practice makes perfect’.

The decks are only available at Tom’s and are limited to 30 each color.

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