Amsterdamn am results

27 Jul

The amsterdamn am weekend is over,
and there is a winner!

Just like last year, it’s a Dutch guy again.

Ricardo Paterno!
took home the 5k and a ticket to Tampa

congrats Ricardo.

The Dutch riders all did their best this weekend,
but some really stood out,

Douwe was skating really solid and was laughing all weekend long,
Great job Douwe!

and then there was Bas Janssen,
Some dutch industrie guy spread around some dumb rumour about Bas got kicked of Element or something,

but thats just a dumb rumour from some idiot,
cause Bas is still on, and beter than ever!
8th place for Bas
great job Bas!
final results:

1. Ricardo Paterno
2. Adrien Bulard
3. Youness Amrani
4. Axel Cruysberghs
5. Louie Lopez
6. Enis Fazliov
7. Peter Molek
8. Bas Janssen
9. Douwe Macare
10. Rachid Addou
11. Rob Maatman
12. Marek Zaprazny

check Ricardo’s winning run,

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