Shake Junt crew, wassup haters!

03 Jun


Shake Junt X Hubba Wheels.

Baker / Deathwish has a party crew.
Check out Shake junt.
straight outa Hollywood,
with guys like lizard king and braydon safranski you know this party crew is on!


according to the “urban dictionary” (yes there is such a thing like that?!)
shake junt stand for 3 things:

1- Shake Junt:
A strip club.

2- Shake Junt:
A blunt composed of only shake.
Weed,pot,mary jane,chronic.

3- Shake Junt:
To shake one’s junt.

Historians maintain the the meaning of “junt” was lost hundreds of years ago.
“yo bitch, shake junt”


But what ever! these guys just love to party and skate!
check out their web site.
I love ‘the Kill yo’ self‘ clips.
check out this clip and more on

Shake Junt Into:

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Posted by on June 3, 2009 in things we like



One response to “Shake Junt crew, wassup haters!

  1. Alex

    June 21, 2010 at 10:26 am

    Yo I was skating with u guys yesterday u guys rock I like thatManuel to 360 flip at glen square n that tail grind


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