Battle of the Berrics! And the winner is,

04 Mar

I think, we all know by now,
who won,The battle of the Berrics.
Mike Mo was the man who took it!
And in a great way,
This “Contest” was really good and fun to watch,
Good skating and a great vibe!
Just check out all, The battles of the Berrics ,Here,

Check out Mike Mo’s new board,

Simi Valley Bierdos Deck
I really like this homage to, Danny Way’s graphic,
on Blind skateboards.
Danny Way just had a short period on Blind,
He went from H-Street to Blind, back to H-Street
and then to Plan B.
Check out ,the finals of ,The Battle of the Berrics
Mike Mo X Benny Fairfax.

It was around 1991 that Danny Way was on Blind.

Here is a clip from a trip he did To Paris,
With, Mark Gonzales and Jason Lee.

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One response to “Battle of the Berrics! And the winner is,

  1. Action Sports Branding

    March 5, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    The Battle of the Berrics is classic. They should start getting some of the other components of the park involved.


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