Vans Syndicate X Eric Dressen

27 Feb



Half Cabs are a staple shoe of Vans. Now Vans Syndicate has taken it to
another level. Eric Dressen, the Dogtown and Santa Cruz legend, has pieced
together a few Half Cabs for us. Dressen has designed three pairs of Half
Cabs that feature a few different materials. Suede, wool and canvas are
featured on each shoe. I’m sure the first thing that you noticed was that
the usual “Half Cab” patch has been replaced by Mr. Cartoon’s Syndicate
“S”. There is some nice detail on these shoes as well. Dressen has
embroidered his signature on the tongue and the inner liner of the shoes,
touched the Half Cabs with a gold eyelet that says “Syndicate”, and a Skull
and 13 image on the insole.

Now at Toms!

check out Eric Dressen,

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