Supra has left the building

15 Feb

Being the “sneaker” hit from 2008,
and even winning the sneaker of the year award, for their skytop model.

Supra is one of the fastest growing shoe brand’s in the skate business.
They have a real solid skate team and their product is super nice.

Therefore It’s kind of weird to tell you that Supra is no longer available in our shop.
I can make a whole story for this,but i will not.

It’s just that Holland is a real small country ,and some Distributions have the same  way of thinking.
It’s weird and pretty dumb, that a distributor tells a core shop how to run it’s business.

I think nobody is waiting for that to happen. It will only affect the customer.
So for everybody who is waiting for the latest Supra collection.

I am sorry!
Supra just left the building.

But you could always check out the Ben-G shop
one of the last core shops in Amsterdam carrying this brand.

But with or without Supra in store.
It’s only skateboarding, right?!
so check out this clip and forget the rest,

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