Ed Templeton, the art of skateboarding

25 Nov


Some people may say, that skateboarding is a sport,
personally i still think it’s an art form.

but it’s for sure that ,there are some great skateboarders,
who are great artists as well.

Ed Templeton is sure one of those skaters.

Ed Templeton is not only doing exhibitions with his art,
he put’s back his artwork in into skateboarding as well.
You can see his art on his Toy Machine graphics, shirt’s, toy machine ad’s
and also on his Emerica shoe’s.

The emerica Transist-hi Templeton.
And more Emerica footwear
now at Toms.



Ed Templeton also brought out some nice art book’s,
like these,

The Golden Age of Neglect.


Or his last on,


You can order these books here,

check out,
Ed’s part from the early new deal video’ 1281′
it’s still really good,

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Posted by on November 25, 2008 in things we like



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