A tribute to the man

11 Nov

OK you young guy’s may find this old news,
or you even think that i am just old.

but this is just a tribute to the man that had a big influence on me and skateboarding today!

let me introduce to you, LANCE MOUNTAIN!

lance was one of the early members of the bones brigade
and was starring in one of the first bones brigade video’s animal_chin_spec

the search for animal chin

Lance was born in the year 1964.
( what where you doing in ’64? )
And is still ripping on a dailey base!

Lance is still a well respected pro to this day.
He has seen it all, from his first sponsor variflex in ’81
till his current sponsor flip skateboards today.
Lance just recently teamed up with NIKE SB
And together with his old friend and photographer Craig stecyk they brought out a colleboration on nike sb
They went for the blazer,
because it’s one of the most authentic shoe in the sb collection, and lance favorite skate shoe.

check this intro of the blazer by lance himself

We are very happy with that, cause it turned out to be the most clean and stylish
disign i have seen on the blazer, in years!

So we are more than happy to invite you to the shop and see for your self!

this time we bring you,
The nike sb orange blazer.


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